Citizens on Patrol (COP) Walk
The Fells Prospect's citizens on patrol (COP) walk will be on Wed., December 3 (usually the 4th Wednesday of the month, but moved for Thanksgiving) . Talk one-on-one with law enforcement and often a state's attorney office representative will join, too. We'll meet on the corner of S. Chester and Pratt Street just before 7:30 pm.

Meet your neighbors and get to know your SE district officers.

Have ideas about how to get more people to participate? Are there locations that you want to point out to the police? Contact COP organizer, Bruce Ward to get involved:
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Fells Prospect, including parts of Baltimore neighborhoods Upper Fells Point and west Canton, is nestled between Fells Point, Butchers Hill and Canton. The area is bordered by Broadway to the west, Patterson Park to the east, Pratt Street to the north and Eastern Avenue to the south. A portion of the neighborhood extends to the water’s edge from Washington Street to Montford Avenue. See a map.
last updated: December 1, 2014
Free Water Taxi Harbor Connector to Tide Point
Did you know that there are two free Water Taxi Harbor Connectors between Maritime Park and Tide Point and Canton Waterfront Park and Tide Point?
Learn more.
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Fells Point Main Street
Forging another community partner

Please check out their website for
upcoming events

January 14, 2015, 7:30 PM. See November meeting minutes, and the November newsletter.
Membership is a great way to help support your community. All funds are dedicated to projects aimed at improving the quality of life in Fells Prospect and the greater Fell’s Point Community (all FPCA board members are volunteers). Read more...

Dues and donations are tax-deductible, too, because Fells Prospect Community Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Did you know that federal law protects tenants during foreclosure? Under the law, tenants may be able to remain in their homes for 90 days or the remaining length of their leases. If you or someone you know is facing this situation, there are important steps to take to preserve their rights. See a flyer with more details.
P.O Box 38291 Baltimore, MD 21231
Dedicated to our Advocates and Patrons
See the Fells Prospect
Membership has benefits, too! Fells Prospect Community Association members are eligible for the association's Zipcar membership discount. Read more...
Why help Fells Prospect Community Association?

Fells Prospect is indeed one of Baltimore's best neighborhoods, but we need you to help to continue to change for the better.

What can you do? Become a member.
Your dues help pay for clean-up projects, beautification activities, the Fells Prospect newsletter, as well as work on nuisance housing issues. 

What else can you do?
  • Organize an evening walking group with the Social Committee
  • Create a program that encourages neighbors to install and use front porch lights with the Crime Prevention Committee
  • Help plant trees with the Beautification Committee
  • Help be a watch dog for the Development & Land Use Committee concerning neighborhood zoning issues. 
  • Attend our meetings. 

What if my time is limited?
  • Help us deliver the newsletter
  • Help organize a monthly clean-up event on your block.
  • Become a member.
  • Every little bit helps.  What each of us can do is get involved.  Everyone is busy, everyone has other obligations, but if each of us volunteers just 1 or 2 hours a month, you can imagine what we can accomplish!

This is how we can continue to be the best neighborhood in Southeast Baltimore.
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Answers to the question, "Can you recycle that?"
Fells Prospect Community Association
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Outcome of Patterson Park Working Group
Friends of Patterson Park has announced that they have received a grant from the Abell Foundation, which, in conjunction with funds from the Recreation & Parks Department, will fund the installation of gates at Luzerne Ave. and Baltimore St. near the Rec Center, and at Linwood Ave., south of the dog park. The gates are a direct outcome of the plan adopted by the Patterson Park Working Group and is expected to reduce unauthorized driving in the park.

The Working Group was formed in reaction to the outcry caused by Recreation & Parks and Health Departments' proposal to build parking for 96 cars in the Park. For details, the Friends of Patterson Park site and in articles by the Baltimore Guide.
Cut the Crap Baltimore
Goal: Improve the quality of pedestrian and community life in the Fells Prospect area by raising the standard for proper disposal of dog feces by dog owners.

Grossed out by dog poop on the street? FPCA has received a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to enlist responsible dog owners to pressure people who don't pick up after their dogs. Look for us at events throughout September.

We've already had 416 people pledge to carry an extra dog bag with them and to ask, "Do you need a bag?" if they see someone who isn't picking up. We'll also be holding a sign contest for "on the ground" education.

Interested in helping? Like us on Facebook at CutTheCrapBaltimore or contact Alana Ridge, Laura Irwin or Phyllis Fung via Nextdoor.
  • Trash cans should not be stored on the sidewalk in front of the building.
  • Please try to prevent recycle items from blowing away (stack heavier items on top, wedge papers in, etc.

Fells Prospect Business Map
The association has launched a map of businesses in
the neighborhood as a way to thank and show support
for the people who help make it a vibrant community.
You may be as surprised as we were with the number
and variety. In fact, you'll find that you can meet many
of your shopping needs within a short walk. If you did
not receive a copy with your newsletter, look for copies of the map at local
businesses, or view it online.
Monthly FPCA meetings
Monthly meetings are a great chance to meet your neighbors, find out what's going on with traffic, building, nuisance bars, etc., as well as provide a chance to learn about new topics. January's meeting, for example, included a presentation on how to fight your tax assessment. Throughout the 2011 election, candidates from all office levels came to speak, allowing residents to voice their concerns and meet the potential representatives in person. So come to the next meeting--it's an easy way to get involved.
AND Join us on Nextdoor, a private, social network for Fells Prospect residents. Updates on community events, free & for sale items, and hyper-local discussions.

Fells Prospect Garden Club
Interested? Contact Thin Thin at
to become a member.
Meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month.
FPCA Fundraiser - Loading Dock Liquors November 15
Loading Dock Liquors, at the intersection of Fleet & Boston, will donate 10% of proceeds November 15 to the Fells Prospect Community Association. Mention that FPCA sent you when you stop in. Stock up for the holidays and help out FPCA in the process.

Knitting/Crafting at the Wharf Rat, 3 PM Sun
A group of residents are meeting each Sunday at the Wharf Rat to knit, craft, and meet people. Stop in!
Garden Club Tree Planting Project
Fells Prospect and several other 21231 neighborhood associations will be planting more trees in 2014. We will continue with this process until all empty pits, pits with stumps, new pits and dead trees are replaced. The city will also be planting 5 trees within each neighborhood in existing tree pits w/o trees.

Fells Prospect thanks the Beautification Committee and our FPCA Garden Club for all their hard work organising the October 26 planting and the 15 volunteers who came out to help plant. See photos.