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Members of Fells Prospect in good standing can join Zipcar under our Neighborhood/Community Association partnership, which gets you the business rate. This means a first year Zipcar membership at $25 and Zipcar will waive the application fee. Annual membership after the first year is $60. New members joining Zipcar will be shown the most updated rate plans when they
apply for membership on the website.
Use the coupon code
BAL25ASSOC2011 during your

Current Zipcar members can switch to the Fells Prospect Business Plan if they are Fells Prospect Association members in good standing by contacting Zipcar about a month before their membership renewal comes up. They should verify they are billed correctly.

To join Zipcar through Fells Prospect, please apply via the Web using out unique URL: http://www.zipcar.com/fpca. The administrator of the account for Fells Prospect will verify that your membership in the association is current (i.e., paid). Once you are approved, it will take a few days to receive your card in the mail to allow you to start using Zipcar.

The closest Zipcars for Fells Prospect residents are
  • South Chester at the corner of Aliceanna Street
  • Washington and Fleet (next to Ale Mary's)
  • Fells Point Water Taxi stop at Thames and Broadway
  • Gough & Broadway
  • Next to the Starbucks on Boston Street in Canton.
Zipcar's expansion into Baltimore has been part of a partnership with the City and the Parking Authority of Baltimore City "as part of a plan to reduce parking demand, congestion, and emissions, while offering citizens affordable personal transportation." Now that Zipcar has been in town for more than 18 months, they now pay the Parking Authority for their parking spots.

Zipcar showing positive impact in reducing parking congestion
Zipcar released this year’s annual transit survey results, which are a bigger improvement over our first year’s numbers. Here is a summary of the 2013 Transit Survey results:
  • Nearly 65% of Zipcar members in Baltimore who responded said they do not own a vehicle, and rely on Zipcar when they need a set of wheels.
  • Nearly 42% of respondents stated that they either got rid of their car or decided not to purchase a vehicle as a result of the availability of Zipcar in Baltimore.  
  • 82% of Zipcar members who responded to the survey said that the convenience factor of the closest Zipcar was very important in their decision to join. Another 66% of respondents said it was specifically the availability of on-street Zipcar parking options that convinced them to join.
  • Nearly 95% of those surveyed usually walk to pick up their Zipcar.
  • According to the survey, the top reason people decided to join Zipcar is because they didn’t want to have to rely solely on public transportation (20 percent of respondents), while 18% joined because they wanted to avoid the high costs and hassles associated with car ownership, such as gas, insurance and maintenance (all things that are included in the cost of a Zipcar membership). Nearly 15% of respondents stated they joined because not having access to a car was an inconvenience.

In the last year Zipcar has added over 20 new vehicles to its Baltimore fleet--including new Zipvan cargo vans--and now offers over 160 vehicles throughout the Baltimore area, including 77 vehicles in parking spots allocated through an agreement with the Parking Authority of Baltimore City.

Zipcar Business division has also established a relationship with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, providing access to car sharing for city employees at discounted rates during the week, helping local governments save money, meet environmental sustainability goals and reduce parking requirements by providing employees with access to Zipcars for business meetings and more.

Cars can be reserved hourly, with rates varying by car from around $8, or daily. See Zipcar's website for details.

Rates include Gas (each car has a gas card), Insurance, and 180 free miles.
Zipcar presents the June 2011 FPCA monthly meeting