Helpful Information............
General Complaints (and there's an app for that, too)

Baltimore City's One Call center Dial "311" or Visit "Request a City Service."
311 or the website can be used for complaints about many issues, including:
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Repairs to public streets, lights, signs, benches, curbs, etc.
  • Anything to do with parking
  • Animal control (dead, trapped, abused, rats, etc.)
  • Building issues, including violations
  • Water issues, including sewage, waterway issues, street leaks, hydrants
  • Trash, including recycling violations, dumping
  • Health violations, including food poisoning
  • Bed bugs
  • Graffiti

You can also download an app for your Android or iPhone, Baltimore 311 (scroll to the bottom of the page).

To Report Suspicious Behavior (410) 223-0033

Elected Officials (updated July, 20th, 2015)

Fells Prospect falls under the following legislative boundaries:

Governor: Larry Hogan
- Official state website

State Senate District 46 (see map--sorry it's not the best one)
Represented by Bill Ferguson
- Official state website
- Bill Ferguson's website

House of Delegates District 46 (see map--sorry it's not the best one)
Represented by
Luke Clippinger
- Official state website
Peter Hammen
- Official state websit
Brooke Lierman
- Official state website

Baltimore City
Council District 1 (see map)
Represented by Jim Kraft
- Official City website
- Jim Kraft's website

Represented by Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin
- Barbara Mikulski's website
- Ben Cardin's website

House of Representatives, Congressional District 3 (see map)
Represented by John Sarbanes
- John Sarbanes's website

Community Services

The Human Services Division provides information, assistance and/or referrals to customers for energy and crisis intervention, health services, education and literacy, jobs, housing and substance abuse and programs for youths and seniors.
1st District - 3411 Bank Street 410-545-6512


Enoch Pratt Free Library 410-396-5403 or isit 
School Superintendent  410-396-8803
School Closings & Holiday Schedule  410-396-8577


Immediate assistance from Police, Fire & Medical - 911
Gas Leak  410-685-0123
Poison Control Center  410-529-7701


To obtain lead paint inspection  410-396-8576
Free immunizations for children  410-396-4454
Medical information on lead poisoning 410-396-8595
Information of lead abatement  410-396-4530
Public Safety
  • Report illegal drug activity  410-685-DRUG
  • To learn crime prevention techniques  410-396-2525
  • To obtain smoke detectors, visit your local Fire Deptartment 


Residential & bulk trash pick-up  311
To request assitance with a community clean-up 410-396-4511
Environmental Crimes Unit (illegal dumping, etc)  410-396-4707