One of the downsides of being a popular and densely populated neighborhood is difficulty parking.

The Fells Prospect Community Association has been working with the city since 2008 to alleviate parking congestion. For example, the presence of reverse-angle parking (RAP) is directly a result of FPCA door-to-door efforts made with community volunteers (thank you Victor, Debbie, Marek, Kate, Roger, Dennis, and Alana). Neighbors interested in helping to develop additional parking solutions should definitely contact FPCA to get involved.

Canton's Area 43
Area 43 was repealed in February 2013.

What's with all these back-in parking space?
Reverse angle parking (RAP) has been implemented throughout Fells Prospect to increase parking and reduce speeding.

Get informed, then get involved!

Is there enough parking to accommodate all residents' cars?
No. It is physically impossible for one car from each household to park on its block given the length of the vehicles compared to the length of the block when accounting for curbcuts, fire hydrants, setbacks for visibility at intersections, etc.  The average row home is about 14-16 feet wide. The average vehicle is about 13 ft wide. Once a home has more than one vehicle, the home is taking up more parking than they have. On top of that, our neighborhood has a large number of houses located on streets that do not have on-street parking: Choptank Ct, Portugal St, Madeira St, Duncan St, Chapel St, and Castle St (south of Gough). On top of that, many household have more than one car, compounding the issue. View the City's Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Advisory Board and Parking Authority Staff Recomendations fo rthe Residential Permit Parking Program Comprehensive Plan from October 2011.

Residential Parking Permits (RPP)
One of the solutions often raised is the implementation of residential parking permits which allow residents to purchase permits, limiting parking by non-residents who do not have visitor parking passes.

Number of permits allowed and cost: RPP allows one permit per car. The cars must be registered to the address. There are exceptions for students, military, leased vehicles, and a few other categories. Every household is entitled to buy 4 resident permits which are actually decals affixed to the windshield, but there is a proposal to tier the cost of permits to disincentivize having 3 or more vehicles per dwelling unit. This price increase was a request from the RPP advisory board that represents the 44 different neighborhood groups:

Proposed tiered pricing is:
  • 1st decal/permit a year-  $20
  • 2nd decal/permit a year- $20
  • 3rd decal/permit a year- $150
  • 4th decal/permit a year- $200

The community does not decide how much the permits cost or the number available per household.
The effect of allowing 4 permits per household is that there will likely be more permits issued than available parking spots, not counting visitor permits. This is what has occurred in Canton's area 43 (report is available through FPCA).

When RPP is in effect: RPP area residents are allowed to vote on the days and times that the RPP program will be in effect. The city will not approve 24/7 enforcement.

Visitor passes: RPP area residents are allowed to vote to offer 0,1, or 2 visitor permits for purchase.
Proposed tiered pricing for visitor permits is:
  • 1st decal/permit a year-  $20
  • 2nd decal/permit a year- $150

Exceptions: Parking in front of and along side businesses cannot be restricted via RPP.

How: Generally, a door-to-door petition is required before the city will conduct an assessment to determine if the neighborhood even qualifies for RPP. The entire process is detailed online at the City's RPP site. In the case of Canton's RPP expansion, it will be done by legislation.

Tired of looking for parking? Some alternatives.
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  • Take the free Circulator Green Line that runs down Broadway and across up President Street. Works if you're going to the Fallsway Farmers Market or to Little Italy or even Mount Vernon.
1) Canton Waterfront Park (Boston Street across from the Du Burns Arena)
2) Maritime Park (on the other side of Fells Point, by the Frederick Douglas
Museum where the Waterfront Kitchen just opened).
- The Maritime Park location is serviced by the Green Line Circulator that runs down
Broadway, so that's an option for some Fells Prospect residents.
- The Maritime location also has bike lids, which are like turtle shells for your bike,
which seem more secure than racks, but you do need to bring your own lock.
  • Bike to work using all the new bike routes that have been added:
- City Paper's map
  • If you work around the Patapsco, kayak to work with the Canton Kayak Club. Members must complete training. Locations include Inner Harbor East, Bond Street Wharf, and Tide Point. They are looking for a new Canton location.

  • Consider getting a smaller car. With a Mini or Fiat or a Smartcar, you'll increase your parking by 5-10% since one out twenty or one out of ten times you'll be able to get into that almost big enough parking space that no one else can park in.
Parking in Fells Prospect